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Stauff C rail

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Stauff Mounting C Rail


Stauff mounting rails are available in four different height sizes. The rails are either welded or bolted to the supporting structure. For standard and twin series insert hexagon rail nit and turn to lock. Push on bottom half of clamp, install pipe, mount top half of clamp,cover plate and bolt unit together. Clamp units can be adjusted before being firmly bolted.


Stauff mounting rails can be used with the following Series

  • Standard Series
  • Twin Series
  • Special Clamps
  • Heavy Series Clamps should be used with Heavy Series Mounting Rail


Part Number Dimensions
TS11/1W5 1.10" W x 0.43" Tall x 1 Meter Long (0.43" Opening)
TS11/2W5 1.10" W x 0.43" Tall x 2 Meter Long (0.43" Opening)


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