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Drager CMS Emergency Response Kit

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Drager CMS Emergency Response Kit


Put the simplicity of the CMS to work for you in your emergency response procedures. The CMS Emergency Response Kit contains the Drager CMS Analyzer, the appropriate accessories, and a selection of 10 different Chips for response to HazMat or other situations.


 Put the capability of several gas detection monitors in your hands withour all of the worries the CMS is as easy to use as 1-2-3, all the chips use the exact same procedure. The chips never need calibration, and the Analyzer does not require battery charging. All of the needed accessories are placed in on erugged carrying case, ready to go at a moments notice.


Kit Includes

  • Analyzer Set
  • Remote System
  • Telescopic Probe
  • 10 Chips (Ammonia 10.0-150ppm, Carbon Dioxide1,000-25,000ppm,Carbon Monoxide 5.0-150ppm, Chlorine 0.20-10.0ppm, Hydrochloric Acid 1.0-25.0ppm, Hydrogen Sulfide 2.0-50.0ppm, Nitrous Fumes 0.50-15ppm, Perchloroethylene 5.0-500ppm, Petroleum Hydrocarbons 100-3000ppm, Sulfur Dioxide 0.40-10.0ppm) 
  • Carrying Case


The incorporation of the CMS (Chip Measurement System) technology into emergency response hazardous gas and vapor determination is a natural fit for the unique features of this new gas detection alternative. The CMS uses a combination of reagent chemistry in chemical specific measurement chips and an electronic analyzer to provide a system of unequalled accuracy and ease of use. An easy to read LCD display prompts the user through the simple 1-2-3 operating sequence, which is the smae for any of the over 50 chis. There are ten test on each of the ten pre-selected Chips so the user can customize it to their specific needs. Test results are generally available on site within 1-2 minutes, allowing responders to react qucikly. The CMS analyzer features a date recording system that stores up to 50 measurements valves for recall and evaluation. The Emergency Respones Kit also features remote sampling capability.

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