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Drager Cartridge X-plore Particle Filters

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Drager X-pore Cartridges

Respiratory protective filters are low-cost and effective means of removing contaminants from breathing air

Based on more the 70 years of experience in development, production and everyday applications, Drager offers a wide range of all kind sof filter types for all major applications

The new Drager X-plore twin filter range with Drager-specific bayonet connection offers important benefits like a safe and quick bayonet connection with clear guidance. Drager X-plore filters fit all Drager X-plore half and full face masks and are approved by NIOSH


Application / Filter-Type

  • Welding / P100
  • Soldering / P100
  • Sanding wood / P100
  • Applying wood varnishes containing solvents / OV with N95 prefilter

Painting / Fitler-Typer

  • Painting using paints containing organic solvents / OV with N95 prefilter 


  • Spraying or atomized pesticides / OV with N95 Prefilter
  • Applying pesticides in powder form / P100
  • Working with animals waste areas / AM/MA

General Industril Applications

  • Applying epoxy and polyester resins / OV with N95 prefilter
  • Working with solvent-based detergents (acetone-free) / OV with N95 prefilter
  • Acid etching / AG with N95 prefilter


Cartridge and Filter Color Coding

Color           Filter Type                        Main Field of Application

Black             OV                                    Organic Gages and Vapors 

White             AG                                    Sulphur Dioxide, Hydrogen Chloride

Green            AM/MA                              Ammonia, Methylamine

Olive               OV/AG/CDHF/FM          Organic and Inorganic Gages (SO2, HCL),Chlorine Dioxide

                                                                 Hygrogen Fluoride, Formaldehyde                

Magenta        P100                                Particulates


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