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Drager Pac 3500 O2

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Drager Pac 3500 with Oxygen (O2) Sensor with Blue Overlay


Oxygen Personal Monitor 


Range 0-25 % Vol, 0.1% Resolution


Alarm One 19.5% Vol


Alarm Two 23.5% Vol


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 The Drager Pac 3500 is a 2 year disposable monitor that offers accurate single gas monitoring for CO, H2S, or O2 at a low cost. The Pac 3500 does not require maintenance or calibration and includes an eventlogger


The Drager 3500 is light weight and compact, offering excellent comfort. The stable, rotating crocodile clip allows it to be securely and safety attached to clothing or belts. The device features a shock-proof, checmial -resistant rubber coating and meets the requirements of IP 66/67. It is, therefore, very suitable for rough working environments



  • Clear Display
  • Flashing LED Alarm Light
  • Safety in any situation
  • Triple Alarm
  • Event Logger
  • Bump and function test
  • Fast and robust DragerSensor


If you have any questions about the Drager Pac 3500 give us a call at 1-888-343-3778 or e-mail at