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Drager Parat C

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Drager Parat C


Part Number Description
R52818 Parat C, Black Plastic Case
R53555 Parat C, Soft yellow vinyl traveler's pack
R52845 Parat C Twin Pack, includes two Parat C hoods in a wall mountable case with mounting hardware


Whenever a fire breaks out, a quick and safe escape can be a matter of life and death.


The Drager PARAT C smoke hood provides at least 15 minutes of effective protection from toxic gasesand vapours emitted during a fire.


The Drager PARAT C hood is simply pulled over the head to provide the wearer with both respiratory- and eye protection, to enable an easier escape throught the smoke.


Drager PARAT C is a "one size fits all" hood protection for everyone, even kids.


Available three different ways

  • Black Plastic Case
  • Soft Yellow Vinyl Traveler's Pack
  • Twin Pack with a wall mountable case & mounting hardware



  • Hood made from flame-retardant, self-extinguishing PVC material, Flash tested at 1,200F
  • Bright orange hood with high visiblilty and excellent reflective properties
  • One universal size
  • Can be worn with glasses and long hair
  • Large visor treated with anti-fogging agent provides wide range of vision for quick escape
  • Elastic collar makes hood easy to don adn adjust
  • Comfortable, soft, inner mask allows wearer to breath normally through nose or mouth and reduces CO2 build up
  • Perfrect for frequent travelers
  • Offical test documentation from and independent laboratory for protection from H2S


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