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Drager X-am 1700

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The Drager X-am 1700 is the new generation of gas measurement instruments, which is adjuested to the requirements for personal monitoring. The Drager X-am 1700 is one of the new generation of 4-gas detectors which have been specially designed for personal monitoring use. The unit which is guarantedeed to be repair free, measures explosive gases and vapours, as well as O2, CO, H2S and is designed for a two-year life span. The new minimized, high-performance Draeger XXS-sensors have fast response times and give the possibility of performing a bump test in only 10 seconds. With an integrated rubber boot, gas access from two sides, which prevents the sensors of being covered, and dust and water density according to IP67, the Drager X-am 1700 offers much more reliability. The maintenance-free instruments in a convenient mobile phone shape is designed for two years of use and because of its favourable price, it is the perfect companion for personal air monitoring.


The Drager X-am 1700 has a life span of two years and is equipped with an alkaline power supply and one sensor each for O2, EX, CO, H2S


X-am 1700 comes with the below Sensors

  • Ex- Combustible Gases
  • O2- Oxygen
  • H2S- Hydrogen Sulfide
  • CO- Carbon Monoixde



  • An ergonomic instrument the size of a mobile phone
  • Robust and water tight
  • Vapour-sensitive Ex measurement
  • Precision electrochemical sensors
  • Gas inlet on two surfaces
  • A range of alarms functions
  • Flexible power supply
  • Intelligent data management
  • User reqistration in seconds
  • Optimum solutions for function test and adjustments


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