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ReoTemp - Dual-mode Thermometer

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(TEMP RAGNES * - min. stem length 4") 


REOTEMP DUAL MODE THERMOMETER (model DMT) is a convenient, multipurpose indicator for local and remote temperature monitoring. This rugged dual-sensor system puts TWO SENSORS in ONE THERMOWELL, and allows easy tie-in to process control. Both sensors are NIST traceable, and easily calibrated. Special sensor encapsulation and optional liquid fi lling make the DMT the most rugged, durable instrument of its kind.

Bimetal Thermometer
• Local easy-to-read Temperature Indication
• Self-actuating, Dampened Bimetal Helix
• Choice of three Dial Sizes, with Back, Bottom, or Adjustable Angle Connection
• Hermetically Sealed per ASME B40.3 (3/8” stem only)
• Thermometer is Easily Calibrated
• NIST Traceable Calibration
Thermocouple or RTD
• Remote and Local Indication
• Data Acquisition for Process Control
• Choice of Connection Styles (see drawing below)
• 4-20mA Transmitter Output Available